A wide range of services for your comfort!

Our mission … to offer you simple and effective solutions like you’ve always dreamed about.

A wide range of services for your comfort!

Our mission … to offer you simple and effective solutions like you’ve always dreamed about.

Who are we?

At DOMUS SOLUTIONS group, we listen to our customers and too much often our technicians who intervened for emergencies Locksmiths took us back to the discussions they had with their clients after their stress subsided and the intervention was over.

Customer feedback was generally as follows:

– Who do we turn to in the event of a power outage?
– Which provider to trust in the event of a water leak?
– I have work to do at home, do you know a serious professional?

Anxious to offer a quality service, DOMUS SOLUTIONS group has developed 6 poles of specific skills by surrounding itself with qualified and competent technicians in order to offer a global service for the comfort of the many Luxembourg families who have trusted us for more than.

Our Skills

Our STORES RENEWAL SOLUTIONS technicians are trained and qualified to provide maintenance, repair, supply and installation of shutters, blinds, pergolas, garage doors...

It's always the same story: you slam the door when you go out and the next moment you realize that the keys are still inside. Nothing could be more frustrating and annoying! In an urgent situation, it’s easy to make mistakes, which often come at a high price! To stop running up your expenses, trust LOCKS SOLUTIONS to open your door. Our qualified technicians guarantee you a quick, effective and quality service.

A clogged drain, a noisy pipe or a leaking toilet, we all have to deal with these types of problems one day. Whether some bulbs burn out far too often, the fuses blow as soon as you turn on three appliances or some outlets simply don't work. Do you want to give your bathroom a boost, freshen up your kitchen? Before applying the paint, the walls and ceiling may need a few repairs. The kit furniture you bought is still in its box! For all these projects, make the right move and put your trust in HOME REPAIRE SOLUTIONS.

Our company Unblocker Luxembourg offers you its services for unblocking and cleaning all your vertical and horizontal pipes. Our experienced professionals work 24/7 throughout Luxembourg and generally in less than 30 minutes. The work is always done within standards in order to obtain full and complete satisfaction from our customers. We have all the necessary equipment to carry out the work which is always carried out on time except in exceptional cases.


To contact us

113 Route d'Arlon - L-1140 Luxembourg

T. 27 29 43 65 / M. 621 768 704